So now do you have a digital strategy?

During recent times, three quarters of charities made significantly more use of digital fundraising, but most still do not have a digital fundraising strategy. How about you?

Some organisations are apprehensive about the word ‘strategy’ when it simply means an organisation wide set of objectives, based on your Theory of Change and outcomes.

Normally a digital fundraising strategy would be part of an overall fundraising strategy, but in these times we can quickly produce a digital fundraising strategy in 5 easy steps:

  • Be clear about our case for support
  • Understand our current digital activities, and evaluate what is working
  • Start to grow your digital audience
  • Identify the digital fundraising channels that will provide the quickest returns
  • Plan to develop or acquire the skills we need

Would you like help in building your own digital fundraising strategy? This will is the topic of one of our series of reStart webinars, designed to help you be ready to continue your important work, as we come through the COVID-19 lockdown and emerge into a new charity landscape.

Contact me for more information about this low-cost webinar series.