Are you seeing legacy donations increasing?

According to Co-Op Legal Services, donations in Wills have increased by 56% from the last year, and this year-on-year increase peaked at 81% between mid-March and June.

Cancer charities saw the biggest increase at 77% but all seem to have benefited, right down to the smaller local causes. The ‘top 10’ of types of charities that benefit from legacies is not too different to last year, being:

  1. Cancer charities
  2. Local causes
  3. Animal charities
  4. International causes
  5. Children’s charities
  6. Hospices
  7. Rescue organisations
  8. Religious causes
  9. Poverty and homelessness
  10. Help for the elderly

Irrespective of which type your charity is, you really should have at least a simple legacy programme. It’s much easier than you think, so if you would like some help to create something do get in touch; why not use a free 20-minute insight call to start the conversation?