Help your fundraisers keep their donors

nfpSynergy’s Charity Monitor is reporting significant changes in giving patterns that occurred over the Summer:

  • 15% fall in the number of people making donations, from the previous quarter, with the biggest drop was among the 45-54 age group
  • 28& overall said that they had given less in the last 12 months, a record low
  • Regular giving is holding up well
  • 17% of people expected to give more in the next 12 months, as opposed to 12% who expected to give less

Your fundraisers know it’s much easier to keep a supporter than to find a new one, and supporter stewardship is now more important than ever. By demonstrating the impact that you are making, and how each supporter is playing an important part, you are more likely to retain them.

Could I encourage you to help your fundraises review your case for support, and to make sure that every communication articulates it clearly?. If you would like me to comment on it, why not use a free 20-minute insight call?