Learn from Legacy mystery shoppers

Legacy Foresight and Legacy Voice conducted a legacy mystery shopper project and you can download their summary report (if you don’t mind signing up to their marketing emails), using this link.

Amongst their findings were that only 5% of prospects and 40% of pledgers actually go on to leave a gift, and many charities could significantly increase this if they did the basics right, every time.

When someone leaves a gift, they are signing up to the long-term vision and so it’s important that you can explain what that is, and the impact you will make.

In the mystery shopper survey, some charities did not even respond to a request for information! It’s really simple to create a basic legacy fundraising programme, and every charity should have one.

Why not use a free 20-minute insight call to talk about how you can build a simple legacy programme, or how to clearly demonstrate your impact to legacy and other prospects?