Windows 7 lives on

Despite Microsoft’s best attempts, it seems that Windows 7 continues to be used by a significant number of people and organisations.

As reported by SecurityNow! almost 10% of users visiting the ZDNet website are still running Windows 7, 5 years after the release of Windows 10. Moreover, 91% of these are doing so without paying for Microsoft ESU’s (Extended Support Updates) i.e. with no regular security updates.

Of those who had not upgraded from Windows 7, ZDNet asked why and the results were:

  • 42% – hardware and software compatibility issues
  • 32% – don’t want to upgrade (split between not liking Windows 10 and Windows 7 still working for them)
  • 10% – too expensive
  • 8% – Windows 10 is too intrusive/privacy issues
  • 8% – miscellaneous other issues

We know of people whose view is that Windows Defender is working well and updating regularly, and all the software they need still works, so why bother? They have a point, but they also have a lot of technical know-how, so for most people a move to Windows 10 is still recommended.