Are you protecting your email addresses?

The ICO has evidently begun enquiries into why Klarna, the payment processor used by Asos, TopShop and others, send emails to people who say they have never used Klarna’s services. Klarna seems to have sent a second email by way of apology, but the question remains as to who Klarna got their email addresses in the first place?

Closer to home, I recently received an invitation to an event from an organisation I had never given consent for email marketing to, and found that a person who worked for both charities ‘thought I might be interested’. This was not a UK charity but it was still unlawful.

More than 2 years after GDPR, and 18 years after PECR, can people still not know the rules? Perhaps now is a good time for you to check that your teams are using email addresses for the purpose which are allowed, and that you have the right type of consent where needed.

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