Warning for GoToMeeting users who don’t use Chrome

I like to think that I am rarely caught out by technology, but even I can have problems πŸ˜‰ Though in my defence, the instructions were wrong!

In the last few weeks I finally had time to complete my Prince2 project management accreditation, so now I am an accredited Prionce2 Practitioner. Naturally, all of the training was online and the training company, very well respected, use GoToTraining (a variant of GoToMeeting), again very well respected.

I use Firefox, and all was well until the first breakout session, when I received a message that breakout rooms would only work with Chrome.

That was clearly not what the joining instructions said, and the best advice from the instructor was to ‘just install Chrome’. Due to the nature of some more sensitive aspects of the work that I do, I don’t ‘just install’ any software, but fortunately I had a new laptop that I was preparing for a friend, and I could quickly install Chrome on that for the duration of the training. I was left wondering why the training company had not checked their joining instructions.

Why do I mention this? Well, let’s all make sure that we thoroughly test the software that we will be using, before we roll it out. As for my choice of Firefox over Chrome, perhaps a change is coming if Firefox continue to try and monetise their offerings.