How authentic is your fundraising?

For most charities, fundraising is more difficult at the moment. Some channels are just not available (do you remember actually meeting supporters?) and some donors are less able to give.

Whilst things will improve over time, we need to adapt and I hope that you have already had these conversations internally, and are getting the support you need from your board of trustees. As an important part of this, I encourage you to reflect on how authentic your fundraising is.

You may well have read the recent reports that Comic Relief will stop sending celebrities to Africa (here is how the BBC reported it) and you will probably have a view. They will aim for a “more authentic perspective” and we should all apply this to our fundraising. It’s an important and a big topic, so please engage the whole organisation in the discussions, and make sure your board of trustees is supportive too.

If you would like some ideas on how to start, book a free 20-minute insight call, and we can talk it through.