Regulator identifies high risk fundraising methods

The Fundraising Regulator has just released their 4th annual complaints report, looking at complaints received by the Fundraising Regulator, and complaints reported to charities.

A total of 836 complaints were made to the Regulator, 13% up on the previous years but still a very low level considering the number of fundraising interactions. The three most complained about methods were:

  • charity bags (again)
  • online fundraising
  • face-to-face fundraising

and the themes were

  • providing misleading information
  • applying undue pressure
  • poor complaints handling

18,569 complaints were reported and the top methods were addressed mail, door-to-door fundraising and outdoor events.

The Fundraising Regulator has identified the highest risk activities (based on the most complaints proportionate to the number of activities) as:

  • Volunteer fundraising
  • Street fundraising
  • Social activities

and in all three cases it can be challenging to present clear and consistent messages.

So what can we learn from this? Well, I recommend that you check your policies, procedures, training, IT systems and monitoring & evaluation, starting with the highest risk activities first. If you would like to chat through how to do that, why not use a free 20-minute insight call, which you can book here.