Register for our next free webinar on Information Audit / RoPA

A cornerstone of being able to demonstrate compliance with data protection regulations and best practice, is to know exactly what personal you hold, what it’s used for, who has access to it and how long it should be retained for.

Larger organisations have a statutory responsibility to hold a Record of Processing Activities (“RoPA”), but every organisation can benefit from recording these details, to make things easy when demonstrating compliance.

In the next webinar on Friday 15th January at 09:30 Nick will:

  • Explain the background to the issue, including what the ICO says
  • Clarify the difference between an Information Audit and a RoPA
  • Suggest a suitable format for you to use
  • Show you how best to create or revise your own
  • Signpost you to further support

There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the webinar, and you can submit specific questions in advance.

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