Crisis and Pathway to merge

National homeless charity Crisis and Pathway, a leading homeless healthcare charity, have announced that they are to merge.

In these uncertain time I hope that collaborations and mergers are a regular topic at your Board meetings, and we can learn from their experience:

  • The merger is built on strong existing collaborations over a period of time
  • They have addressed the issues of individual identity (each will keep its own identity)
  • There are very clear aims (see the Crisis announcement for these and more information)
  • It is both internally appropriate and externally attractive (this terminology comes from the Portfolio Matrix, Dittrich 1988) so get in touch if you would like to know more

Though it is not disclosed, I expect that each organisation will have completed its own Theory of Change, and compared them as one test of the viability of merging.

If you would like to know more about developing your own Theory of Change (or why it’s worth the effort) or how to use tools such as a Portfolio Matrix, then contact us by email or arrange a free 20-minute insight call.