1 in 4 charities suffer a cybersecurity attack or breach

According to figures just released by the UK Government, last year 1 in 4 charities suffered a cybersecurity breach or attack. Of these, 20% report an incident weekly, and worryingly a third of those affected didn’t take any action to stop it happening again.

We all know that cybersecurity incidents are on the increase, and charities are not immune, so what can we learn from the best practice of others?

The ‘Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020‘ survey cites improvements such as:

  • Have cybersecurity as an item on Board and management team agendas and require at least a quarterly update
  • Carry out regular cybersecurity risk assessments, including risks from your suppliers
  • Identify a person whose job includes information security and governance
  • Create written cybersecurity policies
  • Review your backup procedures, and consider secure cloud servers which can help mitigate the effects of ransomware attacks
  • Examine whether cybersecurity insurance could be of value to you

There are some very good free resources available from the National Cyber Security Centre but if you would like a guide through this, or want to talk about help with a cybersecurity review, just get in touch.