Windows 11 unveiled

When Windows 10 was launched in 2015, Microsoft said it would be the final version of the operating system. But now Microsoft is calling Windows 11 its ‘next generation’ operating system. although at first glance its not easy to so what is so new.

Windows 11 is based on Windows 10 and will be a free upgrade but you will need 64Gb of storage and 4Gb of memory for it to run. Early indications of other changes are:

  • Start button has moved to the middle of the screen at the bottom
  • Tighter integration with Teams
  • Can run Android apps
  • Based on Windows 10 code base (you will have a view on that I am sure)
  • Skype and OneNote are not preinstalled and have to be downloaded from the MS Store

More details will be available soon, but so far we haven’t seen much about improved security, privacy and reliability; perhaps time will tell if those things matter most to users.