Is it time for your Data Protection review?

One important element of the ICO’s Accountability Framework is that organisations employ the services of someone to provide independent assurance on data protection and information security compliance.

Our Data Protection review will give you that independent assurance, and reports against the ICO Accountability Framework and NCSC recommendations, no matter whether you have a DPO, a nominated person or if data protection is a shared responsibility.

Our Data Protection Reviews can be undertaken remotely and include:

  • Review of your current data protection and information security policies and procedures
  • Workshop to work through the ICO Accountability Framework and NCSC recommendations
  • Comprehensive report with prioritised recommendations
  • Focus on any specific issues you wish (current favourites are international data transfers, consent for marketing and how to lawfully share data with field workers and collaboration partners)

The Data Protection review is ideal for organisations of all sizes, and gives you the independent assurance that you can demonstrate compliance with the UK GDPR, and a prioritised list of any actions to take.

Contact us for more information, or arrange a free 20-minute insight call to learn more.