JustGiving pass on 100% of donor data

Perhaps in part due to the closing of Virgin Money Giving, JustGiving are really promoting the fact that they take no fees, and that you see 100% of the donor data for all the donation you receive.

This seems to apply to the Giving Checkout service.

The ‘no fees’ claim means that where donors choose not to add a ‘tip’ to cover processing costs, JustGiving will absorb the cost.

Regarding the donor data claim, it looks like this applies to the GROW paid-for plan and Just Giving say

See the name, email, address and opt-in status for everyone that donates online via your Giving Checkout™ implementation. Import the data into your database and CRM to bring together all your supporter activities in one place and enhance your stewardship programmes.

It will be interesting when more detail is available. Name, email, address and opt in status are passed in weekly reports, but you will still need to carefully tag those who opt in to further communications (and for what purpose), whilst making that you treat appropriately those who don’t.