New fundraising platforms launch

Perhaps to coincide with the increase in fundraising, a number of new fundraising platforms have launched. This can be a good thing for fundraisers and a headache for IT teams who need to integrate them with your own CRM or fundraising database.

I just want to mention 2 here, but you can always contact us for a full list. As always, do check for yourselves as to their suitability:

  • BOPP is a payment gateway where you can get paid instantly with evidently no fees per transaction for donors, and they offer monthly and ‘pay as you go’ plans. It might be of interest to smaller non-profits, and they are regulated by the FCA.
  • The PayPal Generousity Network was launched in the US almost a year ago, and is now available in the UK. It is a peer-to-peer fundraising tool and each personal campaign can raise up to £20,000 over a 30-day period.

With so many platforms available, the challenge can be to manage them, so that you focus on the most relevant ones and not spend time on processing just one or two donations for some.

I would encourage fundraising and technology teams to work together, to choose a list of the most popular and relevant fundraising platforms, and then promote those to donors. This would be a particularly timely conversation now, with the closing of Virgin Money Giving and EveryDayHero merging with JustGiving.