£1.4 billion in piggy banks and sofas

According to MoneySavingExport.com and the Bank of England, there is more than £1.4 billion in piggy banks and down the back of sofas.

This got is thinking, could you run a fundraiser to encourage people to give some of this cash to you? Could you just ask for it, or run a competition for the oldest coin? Perhaps you could help people find out where to redeem the money, and invite them to give you a donation? Could you combine this with a reminder that it’s less than a year before some paper notes stop being legal tender?

Do let us know what works for you, and how much you raise. A good place to start is this really helpful moneysavingexpert.com article.

And let me help get you started … we will give £50 as an Amazon gift card or a donation to your case, to the person emailing a picture of the oldest round £1 coin (not the 12-sided one) to us by 30th November 2021. Don’t forget to include a photo of the coin with the date showing, and send your emails to competition@zorva.info – good luck!