Protect your VPN from cyber attacks

In the latest Weekly Threat Report’ from the NCSC, they report a rise in the number of cyber attacks against virtual private networks (VPN’s).

VPN’s have increased in popularity with the increase in home working, and this has made them more of a target. However, for a long time we have been advocating the use of VPN’s as an important element of working securely, whenever you are away from your network. We would never connect to the internet using a public Wi-Fi without one, such as in a cafĂ©.

The NCSC reports that many organisations just install them and forget about them, so please:

  • Make sure your VPN’s (hardware and software) are patched with the latest security updates
  • Use Multi-Factor Authentication, if available, on all accounts accessing VPN services
  • Make sure that your cuber incident response plan (you do have one, don’t you?) includes your VPN

If you would like to talk through any of these things, just contact us or book a free 20-minute insight call.