More UK GDPR and Governance insights

We have had a number of requests for more focus on the UK GDPR as well as Charity Governance, and so have decided to split the current single insight newsletter into two, Data Protection and Charity Governance. This will enable us to provide more focussed insight for you.

As part of the change, everyone signed up to this insight newsletter will automatically be signed up for both the Data Protection and the Charity Governance insight newsletters, but of course you are always in control of your subscriptions and so can choose to receive just one or both, along with any Technology and Fundraising insight newsletters which are not changing.

We will let you know before the change takes place, and if you have any questions or with to express a preference now, you can also contact us using

We are excited about the change, as we will be able to deliver more targeted insights to help you stay safe and deliver more impact.