Last chance to sign up for our next FREE webinar on Friday 27th May – How to create or review your Case for Support for maximum impact

Our next 60-minute webinar is in response to many requests.

If you are a fundraiser, someone responsible for obtaining resources, or are responsible for those that do, this webinar on Friday 27th May at 9:30am will help you get the resources you need to create even more impact. The principles can also be used when pitching for resources, internally and externally, and so everyone can benefit from the webinar.

Every organisation needs resources, and we generally get those by asking for them. In this webinar we will show you how to build or review your Case for Support, which answers the fundamental question of why someone should give their resources (money, time, etc) to you rather than someone else, and why they must do it now.

We will take you a through simple model to build an effective case for support, and then show you the many places where you can use it.

Nick will show you:

  • Why some ‘asks’ seem more compelling than others
  • How a Case for Support helps you get the resources you need (and not just money)
  • A simple 4-step approach to create your own compelling Case for Support
  • 5 ways to use your Case for Support to help you deliver more impact
  • Pitfalls to avoid
  • How simple behavioural science insights can improve the response to your Case for Support
  • Where you can find more free resources

As always everything will be related back to best practice from the Fundraising Regulator and the CIoF.

There will be time for a Q&A at the end of the webinar, and you can submit specific questions in advance.

We will conclude the webinar with a special offer to help you finish your Case for Support.

Find out more and register now using this link. You will need to log in using your TinoPai membership email and password first, and the link will help you to quickly create one if need be. Please note that after you create an account, you need to click the link above to see the webinars (this is a software limitation that we are investigating).