Important changes to your insight newsletters

As we mentioned last time, we are pleased to launch a new insight newsletter by popular demand. We have split the GDPR and Governance newsletters, so now you can choose from:

  • Data Protection (including UK GDPR)
  • Technology (including cyber security)
  • Fundraising
  • Charity governance

and all in a weekly version or monthly digest.

We are pleased to make the change, as it means that we can give more focus to in-depth data protection topics, and also to charity governance topics too. If you had previously signed up to the ‘UK GDPR & Governance’ newsletter, you will have been automatically subscribed to both the ‘Data Protection’ and ‘Charity Governance’ newsletters. We would encourage you to try them for a while, but you can also change your subscriptions by using the link at the bottom of every email.

The only reason to publish the insight newsletters is to help you, and so please do let us have your feedback on the content or format. You can always contact us using, book a 20-minue insight call (free for TinoPai members) at (this link will help you join if you are not currently a TinoPai member) or use any of the contact details in our email signature footer. We would love to hear from you!