WebFiling is changing

In the latest Companies House newsletter, it has been announced that WebFiling is changing.

From their notice, new benefits will include:

  • multi-factor authentication
  • the ability to link your company to your WebFiling account to give you more control over your filings
  • the ability to digitally authorise people to file on your behalf on WebFiling, and to remove authorisation
  • easily seeing who’s digitally authorised to file for your company
  • an option to sign up to emails to help you with the running of your company

You can read their full press release at https://www.gov.uk/government/news/companies-house-will-soon-be-introducing-a-new-webfiling-account

Why mention this? Well, WebFiling is something that is often only done infrequently, so getting things set up in good time will help you to avoid last minute rushes, and the risk of penalties for late filing.