Last chance to sign up to your next FREE webinar – Designing data protection into your next CRM, project or campaign

This next free webinar, on THURSDAY 22nd September is designed for you, if you are responsible for technology, data protection fundraising or charity governance.

We will look at the UK GDPR principle of ‘data protection by design and by default’ and Nick will show you:

  • What ‘Data Protection by design and by default’ means in practice
  • How to apply it to various projects and campaigns, including:
    • Implementing a new CRM
    • Launching your 2022 Christmas cards
    • Using a new supplier to fulfil your mailings
  • Why a DPIA to minimise the risks, and how to use it
  • His top 5 tips for success
  • How you can get specific help with your next project or campaign

For more information and to book, use the link – if you are not a TinoPai member you will need to register and the link will help you (it’s free and will give you access to other free live and on-demand webinars).