How to file your confirmation statement on time

You may have experienced the situation where someone is new in post (perhaps an Operations Director or Finance Manager) and they are busy understanding the processes and procedures. And in the midst of this, the email arrives from Companies House reminding them that your annual confirmation statement is due.

This happened to an organisation we have worked with, they missed the email, and as a result their public records showed a late filing marker.

Notwithstanding the fact that the tone of the email can seem rather aggressive (like the TV licence renewal letters we used to receive), we only have a few weeks to respond.

So perhaps you might benefit from:

  • Ensuring your companies house contact details are up to date
  • Maintain a list of key dates, including the annual confirmation statement due date, and review it regularly (this date may change each time you file as the next one is 12 months from the filing date)
  • Ensure this is a part of any handover procedure