TikTok admits that staff can access UK data

This could either be significant, or not, depending on your viewpoint but with the other focus on TikTok and its use, we thought it worth mentioning.

The BBC has reported a statement by TikTok’s Head of Privacy for Europe, that whilst European user data is stored in the US and Singapore, access is given where needed to employees in multiple countries including Brazil, China, Israel and the US. TikTok stresses that strong security controls are in place.

So why the fuss? Well, TikTok is under scrutiny and the UK government has closed its TikTok account after MP’s raised concerns that data risked being passed to the Chinese government; and the Irish Data Protection Commission have opened investigations into 2 privacy-related issues.

Normally, organisations will not be Data Controllers for TikTok user data as they will contract directly with TikTok, but you might argue that we have a duty of care in the platforms that we promote to our supporters. We would certainly recommend that any use or promotion of TikTok is only after a carefully built DPIA has not flagged any issues for you.

You can see the BBC article at https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-63494951 and TikTok’s statement at https://newsroom.tiktok.com/en-gb/an-update-to-our-privacy-policy

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