SYNC.COM as an TNO cloud storage solution

I haven’t mentioned in a while and was prompted by an endorsement from Steve Gibson (of Security Now! podcast) who said:

I know that there are many choices. But I am still a fan of SYNC.COM, who I haven’t talked
about for a while. I’ve set SYNC up to completely manage the file synchronization between my
two locations and it has never failed me. It’s completely TNO end-to-end encrypted, it has apps
for iOS and Android, presents a “Sync” directory under Windows and Mac, and allows for
managed public link sharing. So has all of the features you would expect from a mature, secure,
encrypted, commercial cloud storage provider.

I know that many of you will use Office 365, Google Workspace or similar and will rely on the provider to manage your file access, security and backups.

However, for those who want more control, me included, offers a cost effective and highly secure (including TNO or Trust No One) alternative. It is easily integrated with your local file structures, facilitates sharing and version control, and is the type of ‘use and forget’ solution I like. Moreover, it helps to implement one of the NCSC’s key recommendations to mitigate the risks of ransomware i.e. have an offline backup.

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