Trustees and fundraising: free handbook

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising has just published a new resource entitled ‘Trustees and fundraising: a practical handbook’ and you can download a free copy.

The guide is aimed at helping you ensure that your fundraising approach meets your charity’s legal and ethical responsibilities, as well as reflect your values.

Chapter headings include:

  • A trustee’s role
  • What are a trustee’s responsibilities for fundraising?
  • Understanding the rules and regulations
  • Planning for a sustainable future
  • Establishing clear organisational policies
  • Who gives, and how?
  • Putting your knowledge into practice

Perhaps you could work through a section at each Board meeting, or on a Board/Trustees Away Day? We can help plan and facilitate these, so if you would like to chat about how we can help, and how to make this as cost effective as possible, you are welcome to get in touch in any of the normal ways, use or by booking a 20-minute insight call at (for TinoPai members, but it’s free to join, and you get lots of other benefits including free live and on-demand webinars).

You can download the CIoF handbook as a PDF using