South Korea adequacy decision reached

The UK government has announced that a decision of adequacy will be awarded in favour of South Korea. To quote the press release at

  • Organisations will be able to transfer personal data securely to the Republic of Korea without restrictions by the end of the year following legislation
  • UK decision will help generate an estimated £14.8 million in annual business savings and increased exports
  • Milestone formalises first data adequacy decision since UK left the European Union and goes beyond scope of previous EU deal – boosting investment.
  • UK organisations will be able to share personal data securely with the Republic of Korea before the end of the year as the UK finalises legislation for its first independent adequacy decision.

The EU had already issued an adequacy decision, but evidently the UK decision includes the ability to share personal data related to credit information with the Republic of Korea to help identify customers and verify payments.

As with all decision of adequacy, they normally remove the need for BCR’s or SCC’s (now replaced by IDTA’s and supporting TRA’s) but there still needs to be a written contract (or t’s and c’s that have been agreed to) in every case.

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