Reasons to promote your Fundraising Regulator badge (or get one)

The Fundraising Regulator has published some research that we all need to take note of.

73% of people questioned would be more confident of supporting a charity that displayed the Fundraising Regulator badge, and also:

  • 61% of respondents would be more likely to think positively of a charity showing the Fundraising Badge
  • 51% were more likely to support a charity they had never heard of if it was displaying the badge
  • 28% have checked if a charity is registered with the Fundraising Regulator before making a donation

You can see the whole article at but the key points seem to be:

  • If you are registered with the Fundraising Regulator, can you promote the fact (and the badge) more widely?
  • If you are not registered, would the relatively small cost be worth it? You can find out more about registration at