Help potential supporters find you on Google search

If your marketing and promotion are successful, potential supporters will want to seek you out, and one way of them doing this is by using Google search. So it makes sense to try and be at the top of the search results.

If you subscribe to the Civil Society’s ‘Fundraising’ magazine, which is also included as a part of your individual CIoF subscription, the December edition has a very good article on how to start with this. Entitled ‘Top of the list’ its suggestions include:

  • Sign up for a Google for Nonprofits account, using a generic email address that is not tied to an individual (useful as people move on), after checking your organisation is eligible.
  • Before doing this, get your Techsoup validation token from Charity Digital (formerly TT Exchange)
  • Active the Google Ads product
  • Start thinking about the keywords that your potential supporters are likely to use – this may not be what you think, so why not develop a relationship or two by asking some supporters?

There is much more information in the article, and online when you sign up. As an aside, the sign-up process will check your website for broken links, and to make sure it’s secured and runs reasonably fast, and this information can help you too.

Why not start the year by fundraisers and IT working together to set up and really make best use of this marketing tool?