Meta fined again, for WhatsApp

In the last 16 months, Meta (who own Facebook. Instagram and WhatsApp) have received fines totalling more than 1.2 billion Euros.

The latest is from Ireland’s Data Protection Commission (“IPDC”), who have fined WhatsApp 5.5 million euros relating to a lack of transparency over how their data was processed, for what purpose and which lawful basis was being relied upon. According to the Irish Times, a spokesperson for Meta said ‘We strongly believe that the way the service operates is both technically and legally compliant’ and that they intend to appeal.

An interesting side story is that the WhatsApp fine is reported to be much less than the European Data Protection Board (“EDPB”) has recommended. There does seem to be an ongoing jurisdictional dispute between IDPC and the EDPB.

In the UK we are a step away from this, but it may well have implications here too.