The challenges of ‘appropriate language’

Recently, I was asked to produce a Privacy Notice for an organisation, which in itself is nothing new. But in this case, we needed to pay special attention to the language we were using and specifically, how to explain the rights of data subjects in ways that were clearly understandable for that group.

One example might be if you were offering online services to children, where the principle of transparency requires you to use age appropriate language, but other situations exist too.

Initially, it was a challenge, but it was also a good exercise in being able to explain data protection concepts simply.

So if you have groups of data subjects where the standard language is not appropriate or helpful, please do provide an alternative which is better suited.

If this applies to you, and you would like to chat through some possible approaches, you can contact us in the normal ways, use the contact form at or book a free 20-minute insight call at