MEPs urge EU to reject EU-US adequacy

A committee of the European Parliament (Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs) has formally requested the European Commission not to extend an adequacy decision to the US based on the proposed EU-US Data Privacy Framework.

The committee made as much clear in its draft opinion on the EU-U.S. adequacy published Feb. 14. They feel that it does not create an adequate level of protection, and needs more work particularly around the intelligence and national security purposes. This has always been a challenging area, balancing the data privacy of individuals against the US assertion of its right to access information that can help in national security and intelligence investigations.

So why is this relevant to us? Firstly, the EU is leading the way on (EU) GDPR related activities, and any agreements they make seem likely to be reflected in agreements the UK government makes with US. And of course, so much of our data is stored in the US.