Old MS Exchange servers beware

It seems that Microsoft has plans to block email from older Exchange servers; in the words of Steve Gibson:

Microsoft are going to begin blocking incoming eMail to their Exchange Online cloud instances
which includes all of Office 365 and Outlook.com, if that incoming eMail originates from other
private so-called on premises Exchange Servers which, while they may be functioning just fine,
are nevertheless, past their end-of-support life.


This is being couched as a way to prevent email vulnerabilities and protect users, but any vulnerabilities are in the software that Microsoft itself produced and sold.

If you run an on-premise MS Exchange Server that is nearing its support end-of-life, then you need to read this article in the Security Now! 916 show notes, available at https://twit.tv/shows/security-now/episodes/916?autostart=false