Retained EU Law bill pause and its implications for UK GDPR

Commentators have noticed that the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform Bill) seems to have been paused. The government website shows that the date for the House of Lords report stage has been removed, with no explanation.

The Bill had undergone some negative comments regarding the complexity of reversing so many changes (estimated at 4,000), to remove all traces of EU law, and the deadline was always going to be challenging, but it may be that the bill will be delayed to some unspecified date.

No matter what happens, this does put extra pressure on the Data Protection and Digital Information No. 2 Bill, pitched as the ‘UK GDPR replacement’, to become law before 31st December. Its 2nd reading is set for Tuesday 17th April, but there is of course much to do before it becomes law, and then for the ICO to update its guidance.