Register now if you want the event to take place – our free ChatGPT and LLM webinar

As ChatGPT, Bard and LLM are such hot topics, we felt that a free webinar would be timely and welcome, and thank you to the few people who have registered. But as it stands, we don’t have enough attendees to make it worth running the event, and especially as this one will be more interactive and require much more preparation time.

We will be making the go/nogo decision at the end of this week, so if you want it to go ahead, please register now.

Join us on Friday 7th July 2023 at 9:30am for an hour.

From our recent survey, a small number of organisations are experimenting with ChatGPT but very few are using it for real-world purposes.

By popular demand, this free webinar will introduce ChatGPT and LLM’s in general, and will cover:

  • How does ChatGPT work, where does the data come from, can we trust the answers?
  • What are the UK GDPR implications and how can we use it in a compliant way?
  • How can fundraisers use ChatGPT, with real examples?
  • How can people still find our organisations websites when Google incorporates BARD into its search engine?
  • Hints and tips, and how to get started in leveraging ChatGPT to help you deliver your impact

This webinar is for you if how are involved in data protection, fundraising, technology or charity governance. We encourage you to get people from all these areas to sign up for this free webinar, to help get the conversation started in your charity.

Please note that the rapidly changing nature of the topic means that this webinar will not be available on demand, so you will need to sign up for and attend the live webinar; you can submit questions in advance or during the webinar.

For more information and to book, use the link – if you are not a TinoPai member you will need to register and the link will help you (it’s free and will give you access to other free live and on-demand webinars).