Have you created an AI policy?

AI is certainly a hot topic just now, and with good reason. And whilst there is sure to be a lot of hype around it, there is also a lot that we need to understand.

At a recent conference, we heard someone share their view that AI will not replace people, but people using AI technology will likely replace people not using it.

And so we need to understand what is possible, and the risks.

We are encouraging our clients to develop a simple AI policy, to keep ahead of the technology and ensure that they use it according to some rules that align with good governance. If you want a template for such a policy, you might like to consider Simply-Docs Generative AI Policy at https://simply-docs.co.uk/New-Generative-AI-Usage-Policy.

You will need to be a subscriber but the costs are low, and a number of you already subscribe.

It is very likely that AI will feature in an upcoming webinar, so look out for that too.