Board development

As we know from our roles on charity boards, the role of a board member demands more and more, and so board development is critical for the health of your organisation, and for your board members. If you haven’t looked at these areas for a while, or want to make sure your board is the best position to undertake its important work, then find out how we can help with:

  • Board away day – based on your agenda or with a combination of suggested topics, we will help you to prepare, facilitate the day and write-up action points with recommendations. We will help you to find a venue, plan the agenda and session details, create the PowerPoint slides and organise the small group work. We can even help you define the objectives for the day, and help assess the impact afterwards.
  • Governance review – help your Board develop in line with the latest recommendations and guidance, with a report to show prioritised recommendations. With recent updates from the Charity Commission, Fundraising Regulator, Information Commissioners Office, and ACEVO’s charity governance code, there is much to learn and we can help you identify the important things for your board to focus on.