Data Protection and the UK GDPR

There are many aspects to data protection, and demonstrating compliance with the UK GDPR. It involves everyone in your organisation, and since we hope that data protection incidents are very rare, it can be difficult to devote enough time and resources to this important area.

We can help you to stay safe by offering a number of services, so click the links to find out more about:

  • Data Protection Review – A simple review, which most organisations undertake annually, to check they can still demonstrate compliance with the UK GDPR. This is based on the ICO accountability framework and cyber security principles from the NCSC.
    Our Data Protection Review includes a comprehensive report with prioritised recommendations, plus a presentation and Q&A with your senior management team or Board.

  • Acting as an interim or part-time DPO – You are either required by law to have a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) or you value the comfort that comes from external qualified assistance. Realistically, for all but the largest organisations it is not cost-effective to employ your own DPO since it will not be a full-time role, they need to be independent of other departments and the investment in staying up to date with changing guidance is just too expensive.
    We can be your external DPO or data protection adviser, and this can make sense from both a governance and a financial standpoint.

  • Data protection advice – You have someone who is responsible for data protection, but they sometimes need advice on infrequent or complex issues, or just welcome the opportunity to talk things through. They would also welcome regular updates on changes in regulations, guidance best practice.
    We can provide whatever level of service you need, based around a low-cost monthly retainer, to both supplement your own knowledge and act as a mentor.