Theory of Change

A Theory of Change is valuable if you need to:

  • Step back and review who we are as an organisation
  • Objectively evaluate the impact you are making
  • Focus your resources in the best way to deliver the maximum impact
  • Be successful in more funding applications
  • Step back from some activities that you really ought to conclude
  • Identify where you could be doing more but are not sure how to start
  • Better understand the changing environment and underlying assumptions
  • Bring everyone with you on the journey to change
  • Identify where evaluation resources should be focused

This series is available as:

  • Taster – one 30-minute webinar that will give you an introduction to the subject to get you started, and signpost you to some free resources.
  • Webinar – a series of 45-minute webinars, plus 15 minutes for Q&A. In the series of 4 webinars, we will guide you through each step; as these public webinars may be attended by a number of organisations, and no proprietary or commercially sensitive information will be shared.
  • Private workshop – the same series of 45-minute webinars run as interactive workshops, but just for your organisation and delivered in online meeting format, so we can privately discuss issues affecting your organisation. Nick can tailor the material to more closely match your circumstances.

You will benefit from this series if:

  • You have been tasked with creating or reviewing your Theory of Change
  • You want to understand what benefits a Theory of Change could give
  • You have been asked by funders to produce a Theory of Change
  • You are considering collaboration or merger and want to understand how comparing each Theory of Change can help to evaluate the likelihood of success
  • You are about to embark on a Monitoring and Evaluation programme and need to develop a Theory of Change as a reference point
  • You need to focus limited resources on where they will make the maximum impact
  • You need to bring everyone with you on the journey to change

For details, available dates and pricing please contact Nick.

Through this series, you will gain an understanding of:

  • What is a Theory of Change
  • How you can develop a simple Theory of Change for your organisation using Nick’s 8-step plan
  • How you can use a Theory of Change for governance, growth, collaboration and fundraising

and you will begin to:

  • Develop your own Theory of Change (or review an existing one)
  • Identify outcomes and outputs
  • Understand the underlying assumptions
  • Create your narrative
  • Use your Theory of Change to govern, manage and develop your organisation

This series works well as a foundation for:

  • Theory of Change consultancy
  • Monitoring and Evaluation series
  • Case for Support
  • Fundraising Strategy