Supporter segmentation and journeys

To get the maximum lifetime value from your supporters, and to give them the most rewarding experience, we need to craft the messages we send so that they are as relevent and timely as possible.

This requires an acknowledgement that our supporters come from different backgrounds and have different interests and motivations. Given unlimited resources we would communicate with each one individually, but we can divide them into a small number of groups based on what we know and what they tell us, and deliver messages that will appeal to each group.  This is supporter segmentation, and it can be done easily and with any CRM system or fundraising database (or even none).

The next step from this is to develop pathways or journeys that groups of supporters may follow, to give maximum benefit to them and to us. Our supporter journey workshops will help you to see your supporters in a new light, and possible see new connections that can give invigorate your supporters and increase their lifetime value.