Delivering the Zorva Extra programme

Every organisation needs the flexibility to work on these important topics in ways which suit them, and so you need to be fit them in with your budget, time and other resources.

That is why most of our Zorva Extra programmes are available is three ways:

What … Why … How” webinar

A 40-minute introduction to the topic covering the key questions of
“What is it all about?”
“Why should we be interested?”
“How will this help us to stay safe and deliver more impact?”
“How can we get started?”

This session is ideal for people new to the topic, if you need a straightforward overview (perhaps as a Board member or manager), or if you are considering investing some time and what to understand the benefits and how to achieve them.

Mixed group workshops

A series of in-person or online workshops, where we guide you through each step in small groups. You will have a little homework to do between each session. This is more cost effective than running the workshops for just your organisation, and works well for situations when we don’t need to discuss your particular circumstances in detail.

Mixed group workshops also work well as part of a virtual or in-person conference, or where all the attendees come from organisations that share something in common.

Exclusive workshops

This is the best way to focus on just your organisation, where you choose the attendees, and we can talk confidentially about your circumstances and issues. The workshop session can be uniquely tailored to your requirements, so that you derive maximum value. We can deliver individual workshops in-person, remotely or using a hybrid model.