Theory of Change

A Theory of Change is valuable if you need to:

  • Step back and review who you are as an organisation
  • Objectively evaluate the impact you are making
  • Focus your resources in the best way to deliver the maximum impact
  • Be successful in more funding applications
  • Step back from some activities that you really ought to conclude
  • Identify where you could be doing more but are not sure how to start
  • Better understand the changing environment and underlying assumptions
  • Bring everyone with you on the journey to change
  • Identify where monitoring & evaluation resources should be focused

This can be delivered as:

  • What … Why … How webinar – a 40-minute introduction and overview with Q&A.
  • Mixed group workshops – a guided series of 6 workshops to help you create or review your own Theory of Change, which can be run in-person, online or hybrid. You will begin to
  • Exclusive workshops – just for your organisation and uniquely tailored to your circumstances and requirements, and can be run in-person, remotely or hybrid.

Find out more about the TinoPai programme delivery options.

You will:

  • Develop your own Theory of Change (or review an existing one)
  • Identify outcomes and outputs
  • Understand the underlying assumptions
  • Create your narrative
  • Use your Theory of Change to govern, manage and develop your organisation

For details, available dates and pricing please contact Nick.