Theory of Change

Organisations undertake a Theory of Change project for many reasons and the most common include:

  • We need to step back and consider the problem we are trying to fix (impact), how we will play our part (outcomes) and what will we actually do (outputs), all to create the maximum difference.
  • We need to critically evaluate what we are doing now and want the space to be open to change and new ideas.
  • We need to really understand the changing environment in which we operate, and our place in it.
  • We need to be sure we are using the resources we are being given in the best ways possible, to deliver the maximum impact.
  • We need to go on a journey of change, and make sure that our staff & volunteers, managers a, board and other stakeholders are engaged and involved.
  • We need to have a clearer focus and be able to demonstrate this, and the impact we are making, to potential funders.
  • We need to be able to summarise all of this easily, and use it as a powerful tool for funders, across all our communications, and to support the development of our staff and volunteers, management team and Board.

Our Theory of Change programme can be delivered as:

  • What … Why … How webinar – a 40-minute introduction and overview with Q&A.
  • Mixed group workshops – a guided series of 6 workshops to help you create or review your own Theory of Change, which can be run in-person, online or hybrid. You will begin to
  • Exclusive workshops – just for your organisation and uniquely tailored to your circumstances and requirements, and can be run in-person, remotely or hybrid.

Find out more about the Zorva Extra programme delivery options.

You will:

  • Develop your own Theory of Change (or review an existing one)
  • Identify outcomes and outputs
  • Understand the underlying assumptions
  • Create your narrative
  • Use your Theory of Change to govern, manage and develop your organisation

So if you need to:

  • Step back and review who you are as an organisation
  • Objectively evaluate the impact you are making
  • Focus your resources in the best way to deliver the maximum impact
  • Be successful in more funding applications
  • Step back from some activities that you really ought to conclude
  • Identify where you could be doing more but are not sure how to start
  • Better understand the changing environment and underlying assumptions
  • Bring everyone with you on the journey to change
  • Identify where monitoring & evaluation resources should be focused

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