More Data Protection Services

We offer a range of tailored and cost-effective products and services to help you stay safe and demonstrate compliance with data protection legislation and best practice.

These include:

Outsourced DPO

  • We recognise the need for a proactive DPO, but we do not have the internal resource, and so we need someone to take on this role, and work with us.

Data Protection Retainer

  • We recognise that the person responsible for data protection internally also has other roles, and so they need help from someone who can provide support and advice, as well as transfer skills.

Ad Hoc Data Protection Support

Specific projects to help you demonstrate compliance; recent actual projects include:

  • PIMS reviewing – Review and make recommendations on your current data protection policies and procedures.
  • RoPA review – Helping you to update your RoPA/Information Audit and use it at the centre of demonstrating compliance.
  • Data Protection for Fundraisers – Dealing with the issues affecting fundraisers and marketers, in a training workshop format.
  • Worldwide Privacy Program Management – Supporting your charity as you work across multiple countries and data protection regimes.
  • CRM support – Helping you to configure your CRM for evidenced lawful basis and develop compliant retention policies.
  • Special category data – Helping you to protect your special category data.
  • Working with vulnerable adults and children – Protecting the personal data of vulnerable adults and children and making your policies and procedures accessible.
  • Sharing data with overseas agencies – Offering practical guidance for sharing personal data when working with other NGOs outside the UK.
  • Working through Data Protection Review recommendations – Taking on the workload that you do not have time for, or where we can deliver it more quickly.

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