Introduction to Fundraising

Trustees and Managers need to know how best to support their fundraisers, and the questions that will help you understand how things are going. People just starting out in fundraising need to understand the foundations. This programme can provide what all these groups need.

This programme can be delivered as:

  • Mixed group workshops – a guided series of 3 half-day workshops (2 for the course material plus a third just for your Q&A) with enough time between for you to work on your Case for Support, and which can be run in-person, online or hybrid.
  • Exclusive workshops – just for your organisation and uniquely tailored to your circumstances and requirements, and can be run in-person, online or hybrid.

Find out more about the Zorva Extra programme delivery options.

You will understand more about:

  • The role of fundraising for non-profits
  • (where appropriate) The spirituality of Christian fundraising (based on Henry Nouwen’s book)
  • The fundraising cycle
  • Developing and using your Case for Support
  • Understanding the environment we operate in – STEEPLE(T) analysis
  • Data protection for fundraisers
  • Code of fundraising practice and other regulations
  • Understanding your supporters – segmentation and supporter journeys
  • Developing a fundraising plan
  • Monitoring and evaluating for more success
  • Nick’s 7 key tips for fundraisers

We will cover a wide range of topics in as much detail as time allows, and signpost you to many free and other resources.

To get in touch and start a conversation, just use our contact page or book a free 20-minute insight call using the link (this will ask you to register for a free Zorva Extra account but it gives access to insight calls, free webinars, and more).