Helping you to Stay Safe

Your time is split between delivering your impact, whilst ensuring that your organisation stays safe; and there are so many sets of regulations, guidance and best practice to be aware of, and comply with.

That’s where we can help.

Whether your responsibilities include Data Protection, Fundraising, Risk Management, or Cyber Security and IT, we can provide the information and support you need, to help you decide how best to comply in the areas of:

  • Data protection – all things UK GDPR and EU GDPR, the need for a DPO or nominated person and how to apply DPIA’s to new projects
  • Governance and risk – using basic governance tool such as the Charity Governance Code, understanding and managing risk, and responding to a crisis
  • Finance – Fundraising 101 for trustees, When not to accept of donations and Developing a reasoned Reserves policy

You choose how much help you need from regular insight newsletters, free 20-minute calls, member-only webinars, guided workshops, personalised consultations and contracted support. Our workshops, consultations and contracted support can be delivered online via Zoom or Teams, in person for small groups or conference sessions, or using a hybrid model.