Recent projects

Many of the projects we work on, whether they take just a few days or many months, draw on our skills and experience across a number of areas, and that can make it difficult (or a least lengthy) to answer ‘what can you do for my organisation’.

To give you a clearer answer,  whether you need one of our standard programmes, a short project or an interim or longer term consultant, we list below some of the ways in which we have helped clients recently.  A number have links to other pages of our website so you can find out more information, perhaps before you contact us?

Each one started with a phone call or email, so why not contact us to talk through how we might help you?

GDPR & Governance

  • GDPR readiness review – check work done so far and identify gaps to fill. We have special experience of faith-based charities, organisations using volunteers, and those fundraising and operating internationally.
  • Interim or part-time DPO – Some organisations are required by law to have a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”) and others want the comfort that comes from external qualified assistance.
  • Managing a project – whether GDPR compliance, CRM implementation or rescue, or another major change project, we can act as an interim Project Manager using Prince2 or Agile methodologies to help you deliver the project in time and to budget.
  • Board away day – based on your agenda or with a combination of suggested topics, we will help you to prepare, facilitate the day and write-up action points with recommendations.
  • Governance review – help your Board develop in line with the latest recommendations and guidance, with a report to show prioritised recommendations.
  • Risk management – help your Board and senior management team understand risk, how to record it and how to use it as a management tool to help your charity deliver more impact.
  • Presentation skills – helping you develop and communicate your messages effectively to any audience.


  • Strategic review including STEEPLE and SWOT analysis, plus other well-established tools that are relevant in your situation.
  • Revisiting your organisations vision, mission and corporate objectives, and aligning this across your organisation; this is of special benefit after mergers, and before new major change projects begin.
  • Developing a new fundraising strategy to include new technologies and new audiences. This may well include aspects of data protection e.g. DPIA’s and ‘privacy by design and by default’.
  • Understanding your current and target supporter segments, and how to take each group on a supporter journey to maximum lifetime value.
  • Clarifying your case for support i.e. why a supporter should give your charity their pound, or hour.


  • CRM selection, implementation and rescue – more than half of CRM projects are deemed to have failed, but yours need not be one of them. We will lead you through a clear selection process, based on the impact you need to achieve.
  • New technologies for fundraising – whether it is a better use of Macros in Excel, newsletter sign ups in the middle of a field using a tablet, or integration with key systems in the office, we can help with the business case and practicalities of using technology more effectively to help you stay safe and deliver more impact.
  • Cyber security – GDPR has helped us to focus on IT security but it was always a potential weak link and we need constant vigilance.  We can help you to understand the technology and apply it in a relevant and cost-effective way.