20 charities failed to look at FPS requests

The Fundraising Regulator, who is responsible for the Fundraising Preference Service (“FPS”) – doesn’t that all seem like such a long time ago – have named 20 charities that have not logged into the FPS portal to pick up requests, some as far back as 2017.

The good news is that none of my clients are on the list, but it does raise the question of how would a charity know?

Larger charities will have been given access to the portal, but in most cases smaller charities would receive and email to the email address lodged as the main contact with the Charity Commission.

So I recommend that you check which email address the Charity Commission has (you can check it by searching for your charity and looking at the Overview page), making sure you know who monitors it (many are info@…) and ensuring they know which emails need more urgent attention.