Wipe your devices (or cars!) before disposal

Which? Magazine reports that 4 out of 5 owners took insufficient action to remove personal data held by their car before selling the vehicle.

If you sync your phone to make calls or play music, or use an Auto app (such as Android Auto) then your personal data, and maybe even passwords and other credentials, are stored in your car.

Which? reported that more than half the people they surveyed, had synced a mobile device with their car and yet a vast majority did not remove the information before sale, restoring the vehicle to its factory settings.

As a part of demonstrating compliance with data protection laws, we are used to thinking of these things for computers and other devices, but cars? And of course you may well have Internet of Things (“IoT”) devices such as baby alarms, home security cameras, etc that store your WiFi passwords (although I hope you have setup a guest WiFI for these; if not ask me how to).