Where will you find your Alpacas?

Excuse the strange title, but all will be revealed shortly and I encourage every fundraiser to read this and see how it could apply to your organisation.

Marie Curie attracted much publicity recently with the headline of
‘Alpacas ready to join conference calls to raise money for charity’

Having suffered a drop in income amid the coronavirus pandemic, an alpaca farm has stepped in to help. The Alpaca farm is BobCat Alpacas just outside Edinburgh and Bob, who wanted to continue his long-standing support for Mare Curie, came up with a marvellous idea.

People working from home can now pay to have an alpaca join their team meeting, raising money for end-of-life charity Marie Curie. Bob will join your Zoom, Teams or other online meeting and give you a 20-minute live guided tour around his alpaca farm, help you to get close to many of the alpacas, and answer your questions.

It’s a great opportunity to brighten up your online meetings, and Marie Curie gets much needed funds.

I thought I ought to try this out, and Bob joined us for a family Zoom call last weekend, where family members from the UK and Australia meet to chat and play board games. The experience was amazing, and we got to see a 1-day old Cria (baby alpaca) too!

I really recommend that you support Marie Curie in this way, if you can, but also think what you could do. Could you raise money by having one of your corporate supporters or major donors join an online meeting? Could you offer to deliver tea and cake, or other gifts, all for a significant donation of course?

Read more about the alpaca initiative in the Metro article I originally saw (I have no control over third party adverts or content) and think if you could do something similar.